Writing Samples

by Brian Watson

Here is a significant sampling of my theological writing. (To view and/or download each file in PDF format, click on the title.)

In 2012, I taught on the subjects of evangelism and apologetics. I taught through the following subjects (here presented as chapters in a book):

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Evangelism?
  3. What Is the Gospel?
  4. Where Do We Begin?
  5. Learning from Mistakes
  6. Learning from Jesus (Part 1)
  7. Learning from Jesus (Part 2)
  8. Using Your Life, Story, and Church
  9. An Introduction to Apologetics
  10. Truth
  11. Knowledge and Belief
  12. Worldviews
  13. Non-Christian Worldviews
  14. Evidence for God: The Cosmological Argument
  15. Evidence for God: The Design Argument (Part 1)
  16. Evidence for God: The Design Argument (Part 2)
  17. Evidence for God: The Moral Argument
  18. Defending Scripture

Additionally, I have written these essays on apologetics-related issues:

  1. Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus
  2. The Problem of Evil
  3. A Theological Position Paper on Evolution

The following are essays I have written for seminary courses:

The Ten Commandments and the Sabbath
A Theological Position Paper on Baptism

Finally, here are some essays I have written which appeared in the newsletter of Pinehurst Baptist Church:

  1. December 2013 (“When Was Jesus Born?”)
  2. November 2013 (“Book Review: D. A. Carson’s The Intolerance of Tolerance“)
  3. July-August 2013 (“Superheroes and the Savior”)
  4. March-April 2013 (“Evidence for the Resurrection”)
  5. February 2013 (“Jesus’ Sheep Know His Voice”)
  6. December 2012 (“The Gospel for Christmas”)